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New approaches need a mentality shift, according to Dr. Jitendra Singh

The entrepreneurial opportunities that have emerged over the last nine years, according to Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh, need a shift in perspective.
The Union Minister said that although young have been a priority throughout the nine years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership, a mindset shift is necessary to make the most use of the opportunities and initiatives made available to the nation's youth.
Speaking at the Y20 (Yuva Utsav) event, which was put on by the Nehru Yuva Kendra in Kathua, Jammu division, with the subject “India@2047,” was Dr. Jitendra Singh.
Speaking to a sizable group of young people, Dr. Jitendra Singh stated that despite the abundance of possibilities that are knocking on the doors of the country's youth, the administration headed by Prime Minister Modi is firm and committed to giving young people a fair playing field at all levels.
The finest example is the elimination of interviews for non-gazetted positions, one of more than 2000 restrictions that were removed. Many of these laws hampered the development of the nation's young.
With more than 100 unicorns, he said that under PM Modi, India's start-up ecosystem is now rated third in the world. It was only made possible by the ambitions of the young people of our country, who, prior to PM Narendra Modi, lacked the ideal atmosphere and aspirational setting.
According to Dr. Jitendra Singh, the Aroma Mission has attracted start-ups with roots in J&K due to the hundreds of people who have been taught and the enormous sums of money that have already been made for farmers nationwide.
Dr. Singh said, “The purple revolution in Jammu and Kashmir offers appealing start-up avenues for the youth of J&K. The youth of Jammu and Kashmir must see Aroma Mission as one of the best opportunities in terms of start-ups knocking at their doors.”
Dr. Jitendra Singh said that since India is a young country with its strength in its Yuva Shakti, youngsters are change-catalysts and would drive the country's destiny.
The Minister said that Prime Minister Modi's courageous leadership has altered the perception of India and that he has established himself as the tallest leader in the world, capable of meeting any challenge through effective governance and management.
According to him, there were 145 medical colleges in the nation before to 2014, and 265 more were added throughout the course of the previous nine years. In a similar vein, 300 more institutions were added to the nation's 725 total universities.
The administration is dedicated to reforming Jammu and Kashmir, he said, and the successful conclusion of the G20 conference in Srinagar is evidence of this transition. Jammu and Kashmir is on the road to renewed growth and progress, he added.

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